Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hot Hot Hot in Berlin

Hotter in Melbourne?
Not really.
The pace is picking up at Line Gallery, despite the heat.
To start off the blog, we want to tell you a little bit about the labels we are carrying.

Today's installment is about Claude Maus ( Based out of Melbourne, Claude Maus has consistently been one of the most exciting labels in Australia since its founding.

A note about their origins (quoted from their Myspace):
Claude Maus was originally a pseudonym under which artist and graphic designer Rob Maniscalco exhibited art projects. Evolving into a fashion label in 1999, Claude Maus very quickly established Maniscalco as one of Australia's most dynamic and challenging fashion designers with his popular first collection. In 2003 Claude Maus won the L'Oreal Designer of the Year in both Men's and Women's categories.

The lady of the house here, Sam, used to work for Claude Maus in Melbourne and has stayed committed to them throughout the years. Rob, the designer and founder of the brand, continues to amaze us every season with his preemptive creativity and his ability to remain the leader of the pack while still keeping his eyes and ears open to the rest of the hounds.

The beautiful and often luxurious fabrics that he uses add to the overall exquisitness of the quality of the product. Each piece is as well made locally in Melbourne (travelled a long way to get to Berlin!)
Below are glimpses from their Autumn/Winter Collection. Take a look and we hope to see you at the shop soon...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Line Gallery Opening Reception: June 30th, 2009

Line Gallery opened on Tuesday evening with a bangin’ reception sponsored by 42 Below Vodka. The store is the first place in Berlin to find some of the most highly coveted labels from Australia and New Zealand, stretching the city’s fashion scope to a new and previously overlooked, area of the world: OCEANIA. Among them are Sass and Bide, Bassike, Rittenhouse and Claude Maus, with more to follow. Simple and elegant, these houses bring a new style scheme to Berlin, that very much parallels the existing framework, with extremely well crafted clothing from a diverse range of delicious, often organic fabrics.
Founded by Sam Gant – a native Australian, sometime footwear developer, and stylist – Line Gallery simultaneously functions as an antique furniture distributor in collaboration with Nesthocker in Kreuzberg’s Graefekiez.