Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Line Gallery in Sleek magazine!

Sleek magazine winter 2009/10
See the bottom right corner

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Down Under!

Although we got back from Australia a little while ago, we're still told by pale Germans that we seem tanned, which I think is cool! Above you will see an example of how well I, an ignorant American, adapted to Australian culture. Take particular note of Australia T-shirt with Koalas (detail below), Line Gallery Tote and Illex Kinni shoes. I was lucky enough to be led through Sydney by ex-Berliner, former and current New South Welschman, Emma Pike.


This is what else I learned to appreciate in Australia:

And this is what we are missing in Berlin:

And this is us about a week before the Jeep broke down, leaving us stranded on a strip of highway outside of Wollongong.

It's still winter here no matter how much we get down on our knees and grovel for its end. Come by the shop and we will at least tell you about what summer feels like so you can start to remember. We can talk about it over Caipirinha's from the great Brazilian place next door (we are into cultural integration) and pretend the ice doesn't make our teeth hurt .

Keep your eyes and ears open for updates soon.... new collections coming from Bassike, Rittenhouse, Ksubi, and ffixxed as well as a RELOCATION SALE over the next few weeks!