Thursday, August 6, 2009

Always Better to Stick to the Bassikes

Now officially just over a month old, Line Gallery's owner is about to take her first weekend off (store will still be open) and head up to the Swedish Archipelago for the weekend. What do you think she will be packing for a few days of camping on the beach?

You got it, a Bassike T-shirt, a Bassike singlet and maybe a few more Bassike singlets. Decidedly the most comfortable and versatile pieces in any owner's wardrobe, the shirts and pants of theirs that we carry, as well as those arriving in the fall, are as suitable for roughing it on the beach as they are for modernising any traditional suit.

In their own words:
"bassike offers men's and women's luxury basics in cleverly designed silhouettes. The product represents simplicity while still maintaining a strong identity and evolving from season to season. bassike offers the highest quality organic cotton jersey in the market, making the product beautiful to wear. The decision to use organic fibres, is part of the push towards ecologically sustainable clothing production."

Founded in 2006 by Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan (formerly of Ksubi), Bassike was seemingly meant as a local response to the growing demand for simple cotton basics. Before Bassike, Australians were forced to rely on overpriced imports. Not only did the label fill the cave-like void that desperately needed filling, they did it with such style and grace that they seem to be knocking the socks off of their competitors.

Bassike's cuts are unique and ubiquitously flattering. Their organic fabrics are impressively as soft as they are responsible and sustainable. So come by the shop sometime, at least to have a little feel. Here are some more images:

...but if we were in town this weekend we would go to the

aperitivo bar SOCIÉTÉ DE 032c x SANG BLEU, Saturday 19:00-22:00


  1. I want that circle t-shirt for Nick Puhlease!!!!

  2. yes I will send it for you with mum... also with the clothes I have for you. xx Sam