Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Illex Kinni Finally Available @ Line Gallery

You've all been waiting, coming in and asking after them everyday, and they're finally here:

Illex Kinni's beautiful new line of men's and women's shoes. Each pair has a blackish (their word choice) leather exterior lined with striking, bright blue pig hide (the softest there is to prevent painful breaking-in time). They are beautifully crafted and a sharp addition to the Berlin shoe-scene.

Illex Kinni is a Melbourne/San Francisco based design duo consisting of Casey Egan and Jillian Shannon. It has been called "quite possible the best leather boot collection" with each shoe more appealing than the last.

We've got a variety of sizes in right now for immediate sale (men's in women's, women's in men's....typically blurry Berlin gender scheme). Sam is sporting the men's Yourke's and I'm wearing the women's Collective... we'll see, maybe we switch.

Here are some images from their Lookbook so you can see the shoes in action in the woods

The Collective (left):

The Funeral:

The Dancer:

The Yourke:

And here are details of The Dancer (above) and The Yourke (below) to highlight the beautiful detailing:

Come in and try a pair on.

For all European retail inquiries, contact

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