Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CocoRosie behind the scenes, wearing some cheeky clothes from Line Gallery

A little over a week ago, Ok so maybe 2 weeks,  I helped a good friend of mine style the Cocorosie girls for a shoot in a music mag in Berlin. The shoot will be out in Umag.
photographer: A friend, Bernhard Musil.
styling: Mody Al Khufash who is a very close friend of mine and a fantastic stylist.
I took a few pretty snaps you will see more after the 29th of April
Here are a few:
Ksubi Jeans now in store. They're not wearing them, but I'm sure you would love them.
What are those hot boots? Everyone on the shoot wanted a pair of the wonderful Illex Kinni boots (first two pairs from front), including the CocoRosie girls. Also Roni wanted her shoes back (brown, third from front).

Illex kinni - Yorke and Funeral, looking Rad
 Stolen Girlfriends Club denim Jacket on Sierra
Rittenhouse Pants
Bianca left with no head wearing Ffixxed black dress pants

 Sierra looks cute!
ffixxed white shirt
ffixxed white shirt
Bianca left wearing my Jacket and Claude Maus jeans 
Sierra right wearing Claude Maus jeans also.
Mody (middle) cheekily standing between the ladies. 

Come into Line Gallery before it relocates at the end of April to a yet to be disclosed location. All we know is that it won't be in Berlin - so this month is the last chance for Berliners to take advantage of Australian imported directly to their doorsteps. We will, however,  be opening on-line store soon. Keep an eye out for it!


  1. Best news ever! Ship to Denmark please! I am a huge fan! :D

  2. Hi Sarah, We ship to Denmark, email us on the website www.linegalleryberlin.com.
    p.s Your blog is great